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Nina Ricci Perfume Review

Posted on 21st Oct 2009 @ 2:38 PM

DESPITE Nina Ricci’s L'Air du Temps Perfume  being one of the brand’s least eye catching ladies’ fragrances, it still remains one of the most popular.A timeless, classic scent made by the French fashion house of Nina Ricci Perfume, L’Air Du Temps was first released into the public domain in 1948,Such is the perfume’s staying power it’s still going strong now - over 60 years later.L’Air Du Temps, aka ‘The Air of Time’ has a simple, classic bottle design - a bright white deodorant-can shaped container displaying two doves a kissing with wings outspread.

Chosen to represent a breath of fresh air, this is a serene, romantic perfume with a subtle floral fragrance which captures the very essence of femininity.Soft and understated - this isn’t a scent with the Wow Factor, more a simple, classy daytime fragrance.Top notes of L’Air Du Temps are gardenia and carnation with base notes of jasmine, sandlewood and iris.The distinct spicy sandlewood middle note adds an oriental, yet elegant edge, while retaining it’s cutesy, feminine charm.

With a scent of its own, L'Air du Temps Perfume is a unique women’s perfume - romantic, sensual and refined.It’s never going to stand out on the shelf like Nina Ricci’s Nina (the one with the bold bright red apple bottle), but it’s what’s inside that counts, right?This is a light, discreet, subtle girlie scent which may need topping up every few hours. Ideal for a romantic evening out or a day at the gym - this is a fragrance that’s undeniably versatile, yet completely classy.Find it amongst the mid-priced floral scents in the perfume shop and take a sample. You won’t be disappointed.