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Estee Lauder Perfume

Posted on 29th Oct 2009 @ 3:49 PM

 Beautiful Perfume, White Linen Perfume and Knowing Perfume, remain firm fragrant favourites, as do  ‘Dazzling Gold’ and ‘Pleasures’.

The epitome of elegance, the Estee Lauder Perfume range is timeless and classic. “Capturing the clarity of flowers just after a spring rain”, Estee Lauder’s ‘Pleasures’ is a delicate, shimmering floral blend of lilies, peonies and jasmine , combined with the rare essence if exotic Baie Rose.
It’s a women’s perfume that’s never sweet, but ever fresh – the ideal daytime fragrance that will delight your senses with pleasure after pleasure.

The sultry, sophisticated scent of
Knowing Perfume, combined with the perfume’s sleek, simple bottle is a must-have for confident, classy women.
A woody fragrance with a European sensibility, it’s a bold women’s fragrance with great style.
If you like your scents simple, yet chic, you’ll love Estee Lauder’s White Linen Perfume
– a subtle, daytime ladies’ perfume which evokes the crispness of clean sheets with the coolness of white flowers. It’s a natural blend ideal for any season and any occasion.

From the Beautiful Celebration limited edition collection,
Beautiful Perfume is a fabulously feminine women’s perfume.
A deliciously delightful blend of bright floral notes with sheer woody accord, ‘Beautiful’ makes a wonderful wedding gift for a bride to be.

Estee Lauder’s piece de resistance, Youth Dew Perfume has been called “one of the sexiest fragrances ever created” and fuses captivating, opulent flowers with rich spices and precious woods. With its timeless, elegant appeal, ‘Youth Dew’ remains a must-have
Estee Lauder Perfume more than 50 years after its release. With an oriental edge, it’s ideal for fans of Gwen Stefani’s spicy, yet sweet Harajuku Lovers women’s perfume range.
Sensuously feminine, Estee Lauder’s ‘Dazzling Gold’ unfolds with bold passion flowers, luscious figs, warm woody notes and a touch of vanilla. Just perfect!

What’s your signature Estee Lauder Perfume Head to the perfume shop and found out,