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Lacoste Perfume and Aftershave

Posted on 28th Nov 2009 @ 2:56 PM

There’s few designer logos more distinctive than that Lacoste crocodile. Immediately recognisable, Lacoste launched in 1933 and has gone on to become one of the world’s most trusted designer brands. And who can forget the designer’s recent fragrance TV ad (the one where the serenely beautiful blonde flirtatiously flits around the city before floating skywards) for the Lacoste Touch of Pink perfume. The glamorously girlie Lacoste perfume is chic and sophisticated - a sweet, floral fragrance in a shocking pink bottle. Fruity top notes of blood orange, coriander and cardamom fuse with floral mid notes of jasmine, violet leaf and carrot seed. Base notes of sandalwood, musks and vanilla complete the sensual, feminine women’s fragrance.

Lacoste Inspiration is a vibrant, modern women’s fragrance with fruity top notes of mirabelle plum, pink pepper, pomegranate and orange and floral mid notes of peony, jasmine and lily of the valley. Musky, woody base notes of iris, musk, vanilla and sandalwood complete this fresh and adventurous ladies’ scent that’s perfect for casual or evening wear. In a bold bright red bottle, Lacoste Red Style in Play is a fresh, masculine fragrance first launched in 2004. Inspired by the contrasts of good and bad. the men’s aftershave comprises citrus green top notes of apples, manzana verde, maclura fruits and thuja fuse perfectly with floral mid notes of cedar, jasmine and pine. With musky, oriental base notes of vetiver and patchouli, this is a rich, warm edgy fragrance for men which is sure to turn female heads.

Released in 2002, Lacoste Pour Homme is a classic men’s aftershave in a simple, transparent bottle. The perfect addition to your man’s bathroom cabinet, this is a Lacoste perfume for men that’s both sexy and sensual. Lacoste Essential is all about “the spirit of freedom, enjoyment and relaxation.” With unusual notes of tomato leaves, black pepper, sandalwood and patchouli, the masculine scent is a mid-priced must-have for the modern man.

Not sure which scent is right for you? Why not head to the perfume shop and try a touch of Lacoste?