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Diesel Fuel For Life Her

Posted on 8th Oct 2009 @ 1:40 PM

Brimming with unrivalled energy and vibrancy, Diesel Fuel For Life Her makes a bold statement in the world of Ladies Perfume.
Heady top notes of mandarin and pink pepper blended with perfectly feminine mid notes of jasmine and fruity blackcurrant, fused with patchouli and musk base notes to make a unusually unique and distinct Ladies Perfume.

Created by Annick Menardo and Thierry Vasseur, Diesel Fuel For Life Her is a sexy, powerful perfume suitable for day or evening wear.
Why not pick it up on your annual pre-Christmas perfume shop and try it for yourself?
Don’t let the imposing, bulky, manly looking bottle put you off - this is a
Diesel Perfume made for a bold, confident women.
If you prefer subtle, girlie perfume, I’d advise you to steer well clear.

Diesel Fuel life Her
This is an extremely overpowering, intoxicating, peppery and spicy scent that’s not made for the wallflowers amongst you.
Fans of Givenchy’s Amarige, Estee Lauder’s Youth Dew, Jennifer Lopez’s Still and Yves Saint Laurent’s Opium will no doubt absolutely love
Diesel Fuel For Life Her.
And those who prefer feminine flowery scents like Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lovely or Cacherel’s Anais Anais should stick to what they know on the womens perfume front.
If you want your perfume to get you noticed, then
Diesel Fuel For Life Her is the must-have Diesel Perfume.
It’s a classically casual scent suited to every day wear, fiercely sexy and brilliantly bold.
Remember though, one squirt goes a long way - proceed with caution!